The 6 Daos

Hey everybody! You remember Jonathan the Hedgehog’s game cover, which I will be revising soon. Well the storyline is that Johnnie is 4, and he was training with his master, Shinzu. Suddenly, the temple was ambushed by an evil clan led by Du Hai, who was searching for a map that showed the location of the four Daos ( dao means “the way” in chinese”) that would give him ultimate power. He found the map and left. Johnnie was left unharmed due to his master’s instructions to hide, but his master was mortally wounded. With his dying breath, he instructed young Johnnie to find the four Daos: Dao Kasai (fire) Dao Mizu (water) Dao Chikyū (earth) and Dao Kūzi (air). After finding them all,  Johnnie went to the Temple of Hai to faceoff with Du Hai and Johnnie won! He was then told by the Force Ghost of his master that Du Hai would seek revenge, so he must disguise himself as an ordinary student in kindergarten to protect himself, and the rest is history. You might be thinking, ” Wait, the title said there 6 of them. Well, there are. In the sequel, 2 more Daos are introduced: Dao Ratio (light) and Dao Yami (darkness). Du Hai already has Dao Yami, and he needs the original 4 to find the last one, which was revealed to be inside Johnnie the whole time. Be prepared if I say something about Daos in the future. Ciao for now! (P.S, the names of the Daos mixes Chinese and Japanese words: Dao is Chinese, and the words after them are Japanese for the elements they represent.)


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