This is STUPID!

Greetings. If you are a fan of Teen Titans Go! (and a boy) you will favor this post. I’ve recently watched the latest Teen Titans Go! episode, Boys vs. Girls and I hate to be a critic, but this is the most stupid and sexist episode I have ever seen in Teen Titans history! 300px-Boys_VS_Girls_Title_card The beginning depicts boys as slobs, who burp wherever they want to and don’t even care. I’m a boy, I have 2 brothers, and I know many other boys who don’t fit this crappy description, and to top it all off, Robin said “We are being such boys right now!” I THINK NOT!!!!!!! Also, the ending was very biased, as Raven and Starfire tried to infect the boys with “cooties”, they stated that girls were smarter, stronger, and have more endurance than boys, according to their contes, but they have a HUGE FLAW in that: In the first challenge, it was all about speed: Starfire and Beast Boy had to run 10 laps around the tower. Beast Boy turned into a cheetah and  would have won easily, if it weren’t for the fact that SHE COULD FLY!!! 1000px-TTG_ep73_BoysVsGirls_Still02 Yep, she is an alien, a Tameranean to be exact, and they are apparently faster than any animal on Earth. Now if they were the same species,or if Beast Boy became a Peregrine Falcon, it would be fair, but do real girls have flying powers, NO! so NOT ACCURATE! Second challenge was the Smartness challenge.

"First one to complete this complex math problem wins!"

“First one to complete this complex math problem wins!”

Sorry for the blurry image, but Robin and Raven were up next. Now Robin is human, so hee has to go slow, but when he had about 100th of the problam done, Raven had done all of the work and got an answer, So all girls are smarter than boys right? As Brock from Skylanders would say, WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!! Raven is half demon, so she could just sit back and let the chalk do it for herself, and the fastest one done is not the smartest. You could be the last one done and have the highest grade, so NOT ACCURATE!!! Then there was tug-of-war. All boys (Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg) vs both girls (Raven and Starfire). Raven, had another half-demon moment, and used her strong black magic bhands to fling the boys to the ocean. Real girls don’t have that. NOT ACCURATE! The ONLY thing in that ENTIRE EPISODE that was true was that “cooties” don’t exist. 90x55x2-TTG_ep73_BoysVsGirls_Still01-300x194 Now I don’t know when this legend came up or why it was invented but they DON’T EXIST!!!!! Now the only way you could like this episode is a girl, and if you are a boy who likes this episode, tell me why.


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