Volk the Chameleon NES

This is the cover for a Volk the Chameleon game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, completely unrelated to the Genesis storyline.

Volk the Chameleon NES template


Volk the Chameleon 5

This Volk cover of a fake game that will never EVER exist is a parody of a game that teens and/or adults might be familiarized with, but I’ve never played the parodied game, due to its rating, but this game could be played by all ages if it was real…

Volk the Chameleon 5

Remembering an Awesome Guy Whom I’ve Never Met

Hey guys.

As you know it is November 22. This day can be happy, sad, or both depending on what your reasons are. For example, Today is my grandma’s birthday! : )  However, it is also sad, because 51 years ago today, in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by war veteran Lee Harvey Oswald, who also met his demise on camera, by a gunshot, fired by Jack Ruby. That started a conspiracy theory, but that isn’t important right now.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the youngest president elected into office – hero of the Cuban Missile Crisis (look it up if you don’t know ) – the first Catholic president – and creator of the Peace Corps. – killed by one bullet in Dallas on this day. Ask your grandparents about that folks… They were probably there.