Kaos Tutorial

Well we finally won. Here is a tutorial.

When you get there, he will attack by covering himself with his wings and shooting out energy beams and you have to jump over them. Then he will summon some spheres by element. Fortunately if your Skylander is that element, you will get health. Later he will shoot sharks at you. Every second you avoid them, you gain 25 health. He will repeat this until he uses an attack that heals himself. Keep attacking him. Then he will pull out some traptanium swords and slice lines in the floor that will move toward you and hurt you if you touch them. He will eventually go back to his first attack and alternate between that, the swords, and yes, more sharks. He repeats until he heals himself one more time. He might do it again so keep attacking. He will keep doing the same attacks, that get stronger every time, and he might do his energy attack during the sword attack, so watch out. Eventually, you beat him and watch the ending cutscene. Enjoy the credits as you hear Kaos commenting on them, and also see some concept art of him. Ciao.

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