Framily Values Law and Order

Made from boredom: What would happen If I had a Law and Order like intro, this would be my title card (Without the glass giant of course)

Framily Values Law & Order logo

Link:  The word “Framily” belongs to Sprint.


Framily Values Episode 1: The Comedy Club part 1

The first part of Framily Values! It could have gone better, but I will use a vertical canvas next time….

Framily Values Episode 1 part 1

More parts to come!!!!! P.S It should say “He was especially funny AS Mork from Mork & Mindy” I just noticed that mistake

The word “Framily” belongs to Sprint.

My VideoNow Jr.

Well, yesterday, my brother was going through a box and found my Dora The Explorer Dance to the Rescue DVD (Yeah, I liked Dora back then. HATERS GONNA HATE!!!) and I went to see if I could find more stuff, and I found my old VideoNow Jr!!!!

picture was taken today

picture was taken today

I have good memories with that thing. It doesn’t work right now ( It just goes to the white clock screen and shuts down soon after), but I think we just need to change the batteries. Man, does this make me nostalgic.

An old post comes back to haunt me

Ok, so ater a long time, my chat bubble was orange. I had comments. Unfortunately, they were negative and about an old post a LONG TIME AGO! Sir Gobbykins the Seventh had looked back and said that I didn’t understand English and had an ego. Well I did NOT have an ego and I can ONLY understand English (and a little bit of spanish), and we had a heated discussion earlier, but its all cleared up now. He just wanted to show me that you can still speak eloquently with cursing (I still won’t curse in my posts though) Now there is this other guy who commented saying I needed to be educated. 1: I cannot argue straight when I want to gouge someone’s eyes out. 2: That was a LOOOONG time ago, so, HOW THE HECK DID HE FIND THAT FRICKIN POST?! HOW?!?!?! The video below can teach him more grammar than he could possibly teach me.

Anyways, the site was CPAC, but I don’t play on CP Armies anymore. They take everything TOO SERIOUSLY!!! Oh, and if you plan to join a CP army, just don’t go on CPAC. If you do, DON’T COMMENT! You will get PLENTY OF HATE MAIL!!!!!!!! Trust me, I know from experience.

– Volk the Chameleon

Have you noticed?

I just noticed this (i’m not sure if I noticed this years before and forgot), but did you notice that the Hall of Doom looks like a giant Darth Vader helmet?

     Hall of Doom                                                             Darth Vader