Welcome ❤

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Greetings everyone, it’s Dr Volk, and welcome to the official Dr Volk Website!

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Left: Volk Chamomile, my persona | Right: Moi~

I don’t really post much content here (because I don’t have much stuff to do), but I usually just post art and videos from my YouTube!

Before you get into my website, perhaps you’d like to know a little bit about myself!
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Related image I love Doctor Who! ( JON PERTWEEE FOREVERRR!! )
Related image I’m quite shy and I can’t conversate with others very well.. Conversate? Is that a word? Well it is now- ( ◡//‿//◡ *)
Related image I like to make up words now and again
Related image I really love pastel colors – they’re just so… beautiful!
Related image I hate cursing ;v; well… when non-adults do it anyways… but even so, no

There are a few rules to consider:
 This is a happy place – let’s try not to be negative here
 This is a Family Friendly Website – please, don’t post anything vulgar
 Spamming is very naughty
 Try to have fun while you’re here!

Image result for kawaii pixel gifdeviantART: Stewie106,    (I’m not using it atm)
Image result for kawaii pixel gif Wattpad: also Stewie106 because why not?
Image result for kawaii pixel gif YouTube Channel: Dr Volk~ Yep it’s not Stewie106! I’m not TOTALLY lazy!
Image result for kawaii pixel gif Skype: volkthechameleon (Or Dr Volk – whichever appears)
Image result for kawaii pixel gif Discord: Dr Volk ✿#9368

Dr Volk Productions

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