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Hey guys! This is Dr Volk and welcome to my website~! Here I post a lot of things, including art from my deviantART page, videos from my YouTube, and some exclusive content only found here!

Here’s just a few things to know about me~

I’m just an obscure artist/gamer who loves cute things! Image result for kawaii smile

Related image I love Doctor Who! ( JON PERTWEEE FOREVERRR!! )
Related image Not many people like what I like ;o;
Related image I’m SUPER SHY and I can’t conversate with others very well.. Conversate? Is that a word? Well it is now-
Related image I like to make up words now and again haha!
Related image I hate cursing ;v; well… when non-adults do it anyways… but even so, no Image result for kawaii pixel gifI have a deviantART: Stewie106
Image result for kawaii pixel gif I.. have a Wattpad too lol: also Stewie106 because why not?
Image result for kawaii pixel gif I even have a YouTube Channel: Dr Volk~ Yep it’s not Stewie106! I’m not TOTALLY lazy!


Human Volk w sig.png

His name is Volk Chamomile and he’s my precious bab~ DON’T HURT HIM OR I’LL KILL YOU! Thank you~

Please check out my latest posts using the link below, or the Categories page! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Click HERE for my Latest Posts >> Image result for adorable button


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