||Only Hate Keeps Me Alive ❤ ||

“He will die quickly. Make certain he dies very quickly.”

This is a picture of the, in my opinion, scariest incarnation of The Master (Roger Delgado is still my favorite lol), as portrayed by Peter Pratt in The Deadly Assassin!

Crispy Master.png

(Fun fact: This incarnation was also played by Geoffrey Beevers, but this is focused more on Pratt’s appearance)

(Here’s one w/o filters)

Crispy Master - no filter

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||Cura Las Vegas❤||

As every American knows by now, the NEW deadliest mass shooting in US history occurred Sunday in Las Vegas

That’s right, some 60 year old idiot thought it would be a brilliant idea to start off the spookiest month of the year by deliberately trying to one-up that homophobic moron from Orlando… ALSO FROM THIS YEAR, ya know, cause that was also a lovely idea-

*sigh* anyways… here’s a drawing I made at school ;-; hopefully over the break I can make a more detailed one, but I need to get it out there before there are too many

||Cura Las Vegas~||  by Stewie106

Heal Las Vegas..

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What… the.. Frick

Someone raped the football field
I’m not even kidding.

Lemme explain: So there I was, sitting in first period, doing some last-minute studying for a test in the same period – then the fire alarm rang. Oh goody, another fire drill. We went outside as usual, but then the teachers told us to move backwards.. BACKWARDS

This wasn’t a drill folks- a fire truck actually came to our school! Turns out there was a natural gas leak from one of the science classrooms, and we were evacuated, as we were later told
Eventually we moved to the football field and the bleachers, which was quite wet, and then I notice a… quite inappropriate carving in the grass (which only boys should understand)

Yep… right there in the grass, only visible from the Home side of the bleachers, but still! What an atrocious act of vandalism! Just.. ugh-

Luckily everything turned out to be fine and dandy regarding the gas leak, but still.. *shudders*

||King of the Playground~❤||

Trump v.s Kim-

Don’t care what your political beliefs are (and there had better be no debating in the comments), but this is happening

|| King of the Playground~ || by Stewie106

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Premise: Prime Minister May, President Nieto, and President Kovind are standing next to each other

President Kovind (India) : *sigh* we’re never gonna get a turn, are we?

Trump: I am the ruler of this playground, okay?!

Kim: No way, cheeto face! I have the biggest weapons! I’ll blow you right out of the sky!

*meanswhile, Presidents Macron and Putin are standing on the right side*

Macron (France): This is your fault, you know.

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My deviantART: Stewie106
My YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7